Wärtsilä enpresaren bidez, ekimen honen berri izan dugu!
ZER? Millenium Youth Camp izeneko astebeteko kanpusa.
NON eta NOIZ? Finlandian 2013ko ekainaren 9tik 16ra
DOAN! Parte hartzeko aukeratu guztiei gastuak ordainduko zaizkie.
NORI ZUZENDUTA? Ingeniaritza eta matematika-zientziekin lotutako ikasketetan interesaturik dauden 16 eta 19 urte bitarteko neska-mutilentzat (1994 eta 1996 bitartean jaiotakoak).
ESKAERA EGITEKO EPEA: abenduaren 17ra arte.
Once in a lifetime opportunity for young people interested in science – do you know any?
Next summer Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is organizing an international state-of-the-art science camp for young people between years 16-19. It’s called the Millenium Youth Camp and anyone from around the world can apply and all expenses are paid by TAF. If someone in your family or social networks would be interested, encourage them to apply by December 17th, 2012. Wärtsilä is a proud partner of the Millenium Technology Prize, also organized by TAF.

The target of the international Millennium Youth Camp is to find young people interested in mathematics, science and technology, and help them start up a career in these fields.

The camp offers young people an overview of Finnish expertise and top-level research in the natural sciences, mathematics and technology. Students network with each other, with individuals in Finnish companies and organisations, and with top scientists. In addition to lectures, workshops and visits to Millennium Youth Camp partners, the programme includes project work supervised by top-level experts and carried out in small multi-national groups. Last year Smart Power Generation books were handed out to the participants.

You can read more from the Millenium Youth Camp website and all Wärtsilä employees are welcome to share the link with their networks via social media.

Facts about the Millennium Youth Camp
·         Takes place 9.–16.6.2013 near Helsinki, Finland
·         The camp is completely free of costs to participants (accommodation, flights, visas, insurance, etc)
·         Anyone born between 1994-1997 can apply via an online form
·         Application deadline is on December 17th, 2012
·         All-in-all 60 participants will be chosen for camp in 2013


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